About Proudly South African


Launched in 2001, Proudly South African is the country's local procurement advocacy campaign which aims to promote South African products and services that adhere to stringent criteria and to influence the buying behaviour of consumers, private business and the public sector in favour of those locally grown produced and manufactured goods and services. The "Buy Local" philosophy is an internationally tried and tested method to stimulate economic growth through job creation which results from the increased uptake of local goods and services and Proudly South African works to drive this message of economic growth and stimulation through local procurement. Buyer companies that bear the Proudly South African logo have been audited for local content, quality, fair labour practices and adhere to environmental legislation.



Content. At least 50% of the cost of production must be incurred in
South Africa and there must be "substantial transformation" of any imported materials.


The product or service must be of a proven high quality.


For Labour Practice. The company must comply with labour legislation
and adhere to fair labour practices.


Environmental Standards. The company must be environmentally responsible and adhere to production processes that are environmentally friendly and acceptable. Services must demonstrate a willingness to recycle and reduce their carbon footprint.


  • Use of the Proudly South African logo, which recognises endorsement of local content and quality.
  • Access to Market Platforms:
    • First-hand access to tender opportunities issued under public entities for products that have previously designated for local content by the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition.
    • The opportunity to list qualifying products and/or services on the Proudly SA database established to assist government and business to promote the procurement of local goods and services, as well as (where possible) preferential listing on Proudly SA's eCommerce partners'
      platforms, and Proudly SA's own eCommerce platform (when applicable).
    • Any other benefit that may be made available to members from time to time
    • Participation in various exhibitions, conferences and events including
      • The prestigious annual Proudly South African Buy Local Summit and Expo, which will give participating buyers an opportunity to exhibit their products and/or services and network with decision makers and procurement officers from business and government.
      • Dedicated business and sector-specific forums which takes place around the country
    • Joint promotions with Proudly South African at consumer-targeted campaigns
    • Buyers benefit from the Campaign's overall marketing strategy and activities that encourage the purchasing and procurement of buyers products and services.
    • Access to the Campaign's communication platforms such as the electronic newsletter, product booklet, social media platforms as well as print and broadcast media.