B-BBEE Certificates

Exempted Micro Enterprises (Private Companies / Close Corporations) with a turnover of no more than R10 million can use this platform to register for a B-BBEE certificate at no cost.

  • CIPC B-BBEE certificates are free of charge.
  • CIPC only provides B-BBEE certificates to Exempted Micro Enterprises; turnover of no more than R10 million.
  • A certificate is only valid for a year and cannot be renewed. Once expired a new application must be filed.
  • Only directors/members of entities are allowed to apply for B-BBEE certificates, no intermediaries or third parties. You are not allowed to apply for a B-BBEE certificate on behalf of someone, doing so is a criminal offence, and could lead to legal proceedings.
  • Providing incorrect shareholder information is a criminal offence, it could lead to legal proceedings.
  • Once an application has been submitted it cannot be amended later. Read instructions carefully. Changes will only be recorded when applying for a new B-BBEE certificate after the current one expires.
  • Entities that have at least one foreign director/member do not qualify for CIPC B-BBEE certificates.
  • All directors/members contact details must be up to date as a unique OTP (One-Time PIN) will be sent to each before an application can be concluded. Functionality to update director/member contact details is available on the CIPC eServices website.
  • Directors with more than 10 entities linked to their ID numbers will not be able to apply for CIPC B-BBEE certificates.

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