Do you have a South African ID number?


If you do not have a South African ID number, select "NO" on the question above in order to use your CIPC customer code to sign in.

If you are a registered CIPC customer, you can proceed to login using your 13-digit South African ID number and your CIPC password.
If you are new to CIPC services, please register using your ID number.

* Please note that you might be asked verification questions related to your ID or that of your marital partner. Marital partner is the legally married partner, as per the Marriage Act.

Customers who would like to login but do not have South African ID numbers can now login using their CIPC customer code. Select "NO" on the question below the login form to use a customer code, instead of an ID number. If you don't have a CIPC customer code, then you can register for one on https://eservices.cipc.co.za/